Life speaks to me through the lens of my camera; feeling the mystery of nature, seeing the face of a child, or sensing the beauty of a flower.  I am aware of the positive flow of our planet, and I want to be a part of this energy.  I ask myself 'how can I do this'?  The answer comes through telling the stories of others, sometimes it is a not-for-profit organization.

I believe in the power an image has within storytelling.  Non-profit organizations have important messages to communicate.  If I am able to help tell their story, taking them one step closer to giving a clear voice to their message, I feel a sense of collaboration and power through utilization of photography.

An image brings a moment in time to the viewer as it becomes a shared experience between them and the subject.  The photographer is the conveyer of the information and the interpreter of the specific moment.  By using my camera to frame the subject in such a purposeful way, I am able to tell the story as I only experience it and  as only I see it.  If you feel a connection with the image, I've done my job.

Columbia College Chicago

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Friend and artist, Shannon Cunningham and I worked in collaboration to create this triptych addressing and interpreting some of the most challenging issues facing the people of Africa,  particularly the suffering of orphaned children from the Rawandan genocide. 

Shannon used her painting and acrylic "glazing" techniques on the surface of photographic prints to create many unique paintings for the exhibition Eyes Wide Open. An original triptych of painted photographs now hangs in the President's suite at Columbia College Chicago, as seen in the image above.

The exhibition Eyes Wide Open at Columbia College Chicago brought together photographs by Diane Dammeyer and the original painted photographs from the collaboration with Shannon Cunningham.  Images from the exhibition appear above. 

Photographs by Diane Dammeyer are painted and glazed by visual artist Shannon Cunningham to create striking representations of African children striving for a better future.  Focusing on  messages of strength and hope, typographic elements help to support and expand broader ideas through their interplay with the underlying photographic images.

The Museum of Photographic Arts yearly Photo Auction raises funds through the auction of original photographs from renowned photographers.  Proceeds from the auction support  MoPA exhibitions, library and educational programming.  I am grateful that the museum invited me to join the exhibition and auction for this year's Gala.

The exhibition auction offered the opportunity to bid on Diane's photographic artwork, including her works from around the world.  All proceeds of the sale of her artwork benefitted the Scripps Health Foundation.

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