Here are various examples exploring the ways in which photographic images, when sensitively framed and mounted, may be utilized within living spaces to inspire relationships between the images and the physical context within which they are displayed.

A Sense of Place

La Jolla: landscape 2235
La Jolla: landscape 2226

Images can be grouped together by colors, content or story-line.  These two images of Scripps Pier illustrate similar content & color.  Technique is also similar as the water is flat (time exposure).  Notice the horizon lines are even, and could be hung at the same level when displayed together, or as shown, with staggered arrangement echoing the architecture of the space in which they reside.

Groupings and Storyline

My blessed little dog, Teddy, loves this room because it is full of animals.  The group of images  demonstrates visual connections that create and emphasize relationships between different animals that speaks to the theme of the room.  The themed pillows, stuffed animals and images all work together to bolster the ability of the environment to tell a story.

Unique Spaces and Framing

Be sure not to overlook seemingly odd spaces of wall for their potential to display images in unexpected and interesting ways.  Notice the light frosted-acrylic frames that emphasize the airy feeling of flowers blowing in the wind.  Tom Houk at The Frame Maker is an experienced advisor for framing.

Creating Harmony

Adding Color

Bathrooms can be wonderful places for displaying artwork.  Here is water & rock image floating above the bath tub, hung adjacent the frosted-glass partition.  The beige travertine tile and grey-blue walls help to emphasize and support the beauty of the water scene in the print.  (left)

Here is a colorful photograph of a cathedral ceiling in Israel.  Notice the strong color palette and dramatic interest this brings to an otherwise dull powder room. (right)

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